Who is Montage

Montage, noun, the technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of pictures, text, or music.

Montage is a small, but feisty and growing discretionary manager. People sometimes call our business ‘boutique’. But it’s not a clothes shop. It actually evolved from a firm of financial planners. The Montage Managed Portfolio Service is specifically designed to work as part of an ongoing financial planning process. As we have spent many years as financial planners we know all about the practical and commercial challenges you face as a financial planner today.

We’re also more than a bit obsessed by risk. We think understanding risk is the key to almost everything in investment. That’s why our service is carefully structured to help you engage clients with all aspects of risk, matching them to the right portfolio for their risk profile, then building their understanding of the longer term impact of risk on that portfolio.

Peter Montague Chartered MCSI photo Scott Mordrick Chartered MCSI photo Steve Williams photo