Welcome to Montage Portfolio Management

A service designed by advisers, for advisers

Our Managed Portfolio Service was built based on the following key beliefs:

Clients should be better informed about the risks and potential returns in investments

Educating clients in the risks and potential returns of investment is fundamental to a strong relationship.

Clients should understand the risks being taken in their portfolio

The client should know every aspect of risk being taken within their investments and this level of risk should not deviate wildly from what was agreed and what is expected by the client.

Advisers should have a full suite of tools to use with their clients

Advisers should have a comprehensive offering for their clients, including a robust Risk Profiling Process, an easy to understand and explain Investment Process with a wide range of portfolios, and high quality documentation.

Advisers should understand their clients' objectives

Advisers should be able to adopt an approach that allows them to understand their clients’ investment return requirements, and how much risk their clients can afford, and feel comfortable, to take.

Information should be fully transparent

Advisers and clients alike should know exactly where their money is invested, what changes are being made to their portfolio, and how their investments have performed.